Garage Remodeling in Minneapolis, MN

Garage Remodeling in Minneapolis, MN

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If you don't use your garage as often as you'd like, don't let it sit there as wasted space. You can convert your garage into a space that works for you and your family. Stafford Construction LLC remodels garages in Otsego, MN and the northeastern Minneapolis area. We convert existing garages into large family entertainment rooms, workshops or bedrooms.

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How will we convert your garage?

A garage conversion can be an easy way to add space to a home. We've converted many garages over the years for homeowners and their families. Our garage remodeling specialists can:

  • Convert your garage door into a patio, bay window or entryway
  • Extend your existing heating and cooling system to the garage
  • Handle rewiring and add new outlets
  • Install plumbing with proper drainage

What do you have in mind for your garage? Stafford Construction can handle the project, no matter how simple or complex. Call our Minneapolis-area general contractors today for your garage conversion.