New Garage Construction in Minneapolis, MN

New Garage Construction in Minneapolis, MN

Get started on your new garage build in Otsego, Maple Grove or Minneapolis, MN

Maybe you want to protect your vehicles from the elements. Maybe you want to free up space in your driveway. No matter why you want to build a new garage on your property, Stafford Construction has you covered. We specialize in new garage builds in Otsego, Maple Grove and Minneapolis, MN.

A garage is a great place to park your car, store your junk or set up your workshop. If you have a vision for your garage, call 612-801-6078 now. We'll discuss the details of your new garage build today.

Building better garages for 90+ years

Has your garage seen better days? Stafford Construction can demolish your old garage and build a new one in its place. Reach out to us for help if you notice:

  • Insecure framing
  • Insulation issues
  • Cracked flooring

Before we tear down the old structure, we'll determine the source of the issue so you can avoid the same problem in your new garage.

Curious about how much our garage construction services cost? Take advantage of our free estimate today.